The People’s Awareness Network is made up of activists and local groups. If you are interested in forming – or supporting the creation of – a new local People’s Awareness Network group, please drop us a line at

What do local groups do?

Local groups are autonomous — which means that they decide as a group what they want to do depending on local opportunities, people’s interests within that group, and what they enjoy doing the most.

What is campaigning?

Campaigning is simply taking action to promote change and this encompasses a very broad range of activities. The following list isn’t comprehensive — and as you can see there’s something for everyone:

  • Taking part in a demonstration, rally or lobby of parliament
  • Organising street stalls or stalls at festivals to promote a local angle of an issue
  • Writing postcards, letters and emails to encourage change
  • Promoting campaigns or issues through local or regional media
  • Organising awareness-rising events or stunts
  • Hosting a talk, public meeting, debate or hustings
  • Inspire local people to take action

And the list certainly doesn’t end there!

For more information on how to create a new local group, please drop us an email
or give us a call on +47 (0) 909 20 779. We would love to hear from you!

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