The People’s Awareness Network support the just struggle of the Palestinian people to liberate themselves from military occupation and colonial settlement in all of historic Palestine. We affirm the right of Palestinians to reclaim their land and resources, to maintain their culture, and to free their land from occupation.

  • We oppose the colonial settler state of Israel and don’t consider it legitimate.
  • We are for an end to all aid to Israel and support boycotts and other popular actions aimed at isloating Israel — militarily, economically and politically.
  • We recognize that the struggle of the Palestinian people is part of a regional struggle against US, European, and Zionist empirialism. We support the regional struggle for indigenous sovereignty over land and resources.

Palestine is the site of a continued settler colonial project commonly known as the state of Israel. The colonial project was born out of a racist, nationalist political ideology called Zionism, established in the late 19th century. Zionism as a movement took root in the era of European colonialism and they were seeking to establish a national homeland for the Jewish people on land for the most part already inhabited by an indigenous Palestinian Arab people. While of course the native, indigenous population rejected this invasive colonial entity, the international community led by the British ushered it into statehood. In 1948 the state of Israel was declared on top of stolen Palestinian land, and they created a Jewish majority by destroying approximately 500 Palestinian villages and driving more than 700,000 Palestinians out of their homeland.

Ethnic cleansing continues today in the form of expulsions and Jewish-only settlements. Home demolitions, evictions, administrative detention, abuse/arrest of children in military courts, checkpoints and more are the Palestinian reality, all while Israeli settlements, considered illegal by the entire world continue to be built atop Palestinian land, taking both home and water from the native population. Palestinians living within Israel continue to be discriminated against at all levels of citizenship, right down to the annual threats of politicians for their passports to be stripped and then deported. Palestinians in Gaza live in the world’s largest open air prison with Israel controlling land/air/sea and controlling everything that comes in and out. Israel’s historic and ongoing ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian people from their land must be stopped.

Five ways to support the Palestinian cause

  • Defend against the misinformation propaganda. Palestinians are subjected to one of the most extreme campaigns of negative propaganda against their history and current existence. Gathering correct information and spreading the facts at every opportunity is therefore fundamental in helping the Palestine cause.
  • Promote the divestment agenda. Apartheid needs to be exposed and fought against internationally and in practical forms. This has proven as one of the most effective ways average citizens abroad can push for a change.
  • Don’t buy Israeli goods. Profits from exports from Israel help to fund the Israeli government and its crimes against the Palestinian people. Refuse to buy Israeli goods and tell retailers that you are doing it. Persuade friends and family to stop buying any Israeli products too.
  • Join an active BDS campaign or start a new one. Initiate action in your institution, union, group, etc., against the companies and organisations that support and profit from Israel’s system of oppression over the Palestinian people.
  • Pressure your government and elected representatives to impose a military embargo on Israel. Military ties with Israel feed and encourage further Israeli violence. Israel wouldn’t be able to maintain its occupation and apartheid system over the Palestinian people if it wasn’t for the military aid it receives from the US or the military trade it conducts with countries around the world. Urge your government and elected representatives to support a military embargo on Israel.