People’s Awareness Network stand with the water protectors at Standing Rock fighting against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Water is life. This movement is our movement. A movement made possible by the actions taken by those who came before us, steeped in the wisdom of elders. A movement led by Indigenous people who put their lives on the line to protect the land and water we all need to survive.

The Dakota Access Pipeline could carry more than 400,000 barrels of crude oil a day from western North Dakota across South Dakota and Iowa to connect with an existing pipeline in Illinois. It is a 1,100-mile pipeline, estimated to cost $3.7 billion, and is about halfway complete. The water protectors who are protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline are engaged in a critical fight against big oil for our collective human right to access water. To be clear, this is not a fight that is specific only to Native Peoples — this is a fight for all of us and we must stand with our family at Standing Rock.

The gathering at Standing Rock is a testimony against capitalism –- we do not have to destroy the world and our resources for money to provide for one another. In fact, we must do the complete opposite. Scarcity is a myth and if we take care of the Earth, our family that comes after us will be taken care of by the Earth.

The Indigenous peoples leading this work have traveled from towns and reservations from all over the country, representing over seventy Nations and making this the largest gathering of Indigenous Nations since 1973. This is a critical moment in our history, where we must decide if we want to stand together for our collective well being or ignore what is happening — the further corruption of our water sources and the intentional disregard of the treaty rights and self determination of Indigenous folks in North Dakota.

People’s Awareness Network stands with Standing Rock.
Water is life, and we must all fight to protect it.

#NODAPL #WaterIsLife

To support:

Red Warrior Camp, in partnership with the Camp of the Sacred Stones, has put out an official Call to Action for all allies to stand in solidarity. Please join this Indigenous led movement to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline by planning or joining an action near you! For more information, please visit